Birth Plans are just a Wish List

When creating a birth plan the doctors are pretty good at explaining it is essentially your wish list for what you view as your ideal labor. They are also good at preparing you to not expect everything on your birth plan to go as planned. Or anything at all in some cases (such as mine).... Continue Reading →


Hello Again, Blogging World.

Guys- I haven't wrote a blog post since July. It isn't that I haven't thought about it. Actually, I have thought about it a lot. Almost daily it crosses my mind about what I want to write or what I NEED to write because like I have said before this is some what therapy for... Continue Reading →

Today Sucked. Tomorrow WILL be Better.

Today sucked. I felt exhausted. That is until midday when I realized I needed to get my shit together and chugged down some coffee. Coffee that I have been trying hard not to consume much of while pregnant. Today was not the type of day to forgo the additional caffeine. Pretty sure my toddlers life... Continue Reading →

Life Doesn’t Always Need a Plan

I've learned throughout my life that I'm not the best at staying in one place. I'm constantly looking for something new; something to challenge me a little. Who says that is a bad thing? There was a time where it was a little frustrating. You know, that time after high school when you are sent... Continue Reading →

Parenting is F-ing Hard

Before I even begin, let me just quickly recall something from one of my recent posts. Remember when I was all, "YAY! Morning sickness is gone- good riddance!" I even followed it up by saying, "Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself." Well...that shit struck again! I have been a little sick and not feeling like eating too... Continue Reading →

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