Everyone Asks for Help Differently. What Matters is That you Ask.

There have been 3 suicides I know of in the past three weeks. That is 3 too many. I have been trying to wrap my head around what I could write. What I really wish I could find are the magic words to fix the whole problem- make everyone realize mental illness is a serious issue,... Continue Reading →


Life Doesn’t Always Need a Plan

I've learned throughout my life that I'm not the best at staying in one place. I'm constantly looking for something new; something to challenge me a little. Who says that is a bad thing? There was a time where it was a little frustrating. You know, that time after high school when you are sent... Continue Reading →

Parenting is F-ing Hard

Before I even begin, let me just quickly recall something from one of my recent posts. Remember when I was all, "YAY! Morning sickness is gone- good riddance!" I even followed it up by saying, "Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself." Well...that shit struck again! I have been a little sick and not feeling like eating too... Continue Reading →

Mom Fears and Anxiety- Is it Normal?

I was speaking with a friend the other day and she mentioned her "obscene" fears when it comes to her children. She starting speaking as if she was almost embarrassed or ashamed to have such anxiety about certain things. The second she started explaining them to me, I completely related with her! If we both... Continue Reading →

A little dose of Liam

Here are just a few things I have found a little hysterical these past couple weeks- After numerous times trying to correct Liam, he still pronounces cucumbers "puke-cucumbers." We can thank morning sickness for that one. His sibling hasn't even arrived yet and he is already traumatized by him or her! I have officially discovered... Continue Reading →

Postpartum Depression- Get ahead of it!

I did something yesterday and I am proud of myself. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. How often do we tell ourselves that?? I had been dreading an appointment for a couple weeks. It all started at the baby's appointment when the doctor was going over my history. Like every doctor's appointment, I knew what was... Continue Reading →

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